Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our own Goat

So today while the weather was nice, we went for a walk. Daddy couldn't believe how much fun AND how slow a walk can be when Ashby isn't sitting in her stroller. hehe

But while we were talking we some how began talking about how one day it would be nice to have our own milk cow or even goat. Ashby was listening (as always) and asked what the goats name would be. As our imaginary goat had no name, I asked her what she would like to name it. If you had been with us this is what you would have heard:

Ashby: Lambie
Me: You would name our goat, Lambie?
Ryan: laughter....
Ashby: Yeah, or Lambie-goat
Ryan: you're a goofer Ashby
Ashby: NOoooo
Me: Well, what if we had a Lamb? Would we name it Goatie?
Ashby: Yeah... ...or Goatie-Lamb

I'm not sure where kids get these things, but I'm glad I'm around to enjoy Ashby. ;)

Oh great one

These last few weeks have been busier and I've been a bit more fatigued.
I guess I am now officially out of the first trimester of this pregnancy at 14 weeks, but boy am I tired. It seems that by 3 O'Clock, 4 at the latest, I can't stay awake.

Now, I have been providing massage and helping my friend who just had a baby in addition to the normal daily activities, but I didn't think it was an exhausting schedule

Well this morning I woke up with a sore neck. The product of a long week, staying up too late and daylight savings kicking in on the wrong morning. That sore neck had worked itself into an extremely stiff neck. So stiff that I couldn't even stretch it for comfort (my normal method).

After getting Ashby to be I realized I had to ask Ryan for help with this pain.
About 10 minutes after I left Ashby's room he brought me this:

OH Great One! How you loosen the muscles and help the pain fade away


While Ashby and I were on our merry little way to visit our good friends the Curdy's (see last post) in Logan we stopped a couple times along to way to document the beauty.

We also stopped to see the Temple. Ashby's first visit to the Logan Temple. :) She liked it a lot. She said it is "so very beautiful"

Good Friends

While I would say my family and myself have been blessed with many good friends, there are only a handful that I have kept in touch with that reach pre college days. So when one such friend, Gretchen, and her family were going to be about 3 hours away I knew I had to make the trip to see the Curdy's possible.
Now when you have a truly retarted car, that is a bit of a job, but we managed it and Ashby and I were in Ogden at my parents for Wednesday night, up to Logan Thursday and back in our own beds by Thursday night!
When I got there Ashby and their daughter Lexi started playing together like the old friends they are. Thanks to husband Matt and his Mom we then left just Gretchen and I to eat lunch at a delicious Mexican resturant there in Logan! YUM. If I could remember the name, I'd recomend it!

We caught up and laughed and enjoyed time together while we ate and afterward we went and a little shopping. I have to admit it was a lot of fun!

Afterward we all helped make tomales for the entire Curdy family's dinner that night! Man it looked good. Andy and Ashby both had to sample the ingredients. Little hands make for little, but very cute help!

I failed to get any pictures of adorable Lexi or any of Ashby with either of the super cute Curdy Kids! Sorry. But Thanks Matt for being able to take time to leave North Carolina for Utah with it's family and friends!
Yeah it was a lot of driving. Thanks to Ryan and my parents for the transportation help.
All I have say is, I think it was worth it

Happy Birthday Rach!

Now many of you may not know, but Ryan has an older and very awesome sister Rachel. She works and goes to school at the U and lives up in the Avenues area of down town Salt Lake.

Because of her busy schedule, it is sometimes hard to get together with her. Celebrating her birthday was no exception.

Her birthday is actually at the very beginning of the month, but due the the Super Bowl we didn't celebrate together with all the siblings in Utah (sorry Jordan) until the 22nd of Feb.

Grandpa Ken made a wonderful meal and his (the best) to-die-for Carrot Cake!
Ashby LOVES Aunt Rachel, Rachel returns the love by letting her help open her gifts!

Yay! What a Party!

Happy, Happy Birthday from us, to Rachel

Our Family Valentines

Because my Missionary Sister, Amy was leaving the MTC on Monday the 16th and she gets to call home from the Airport, we decided to try to be at my parents house when she called.

We decided to just go up to Ogden for the entire weekend including Valentines Day. As a result our Valentines Day was much less romantic and definitely more of just a nice family day! In addition to Grandma and Grandpa Mike we played with Michelle, Jared and Stacy and it still was really fun!
Here is Ashby opening her special gift from Mommy and Daddy.
"This is what I got!"
For Christmas, I had receive slippers that Ashby constantly was trying to steal, so we decided to share the love by finding her own pair to go with her bedtime gift.

The day was a beautiful winter day filled with a little shopping, home browsing, and movie watching.

Later Grandma made a delicous meal for us all. Ashby really loves helping in the kitchen. Here she is pealing the onion! Great job sweetie.

We ended the night after Ashby was asleep with a little alone time by going to get dessert for two!

Naughty or Nice?

I know it's nowhere near Christmas time, but these two photos made me think of Santa's list. hehe. Judge for yourself.

Valentines Prep Day!

The day before Valentines Ashby and I made WAY TOO Many heart shaped cupcakes, yummy choclate coated popcorn and adorable homemade Valentines Cards.

After we got back from taking our Valentine Goodies around the neighborhood, some of our friends returned the thought with yummy heart shaped cookies! One even had Ashby's name hand written! So cute.

Ashby loved the cookies and the sweet cards from 3 of her favorite girls in the Ward! Thanks.

We had a lot of fun getting ready for Valentines!
Hope You all had fun too!

It's fun to be a Chun

All the cute little girls there that day!

Our ward had a baptism at the beginning of
Feburary. The Chun's, our good friends,
daughter was being baptized so we went to
show our love and support. :)

The meeting was wonderfully attended by the
family of the of the two children being baptized
and other friends in the area.

The meeting was very spiritually uplifting both
in message and song.

Two of Ashby's dearest and longest friendships!
(they've loved each othersince she was 6 months old)

We were glad we were able to go and show
Ashby what a baptism looks like. She was
happy to know that Missionary Aunt Amy is
finding others in Chile who want to be baptized
It was Ashby's first Baptism!
Afterward all were invited to a fabulous
luncheon with delicious food and treats and lots
of fun for the many children who had sat so
nicely during the baptism meeting.
The Awesome Chun Family

Thanks to the Chuns and others for making
the day very special and fun.
It just proves that it really is 'fun to be a Chun'