Saturday, May 17, 2008

The little Ice Cream Dress

The Perfect Gift
So Ashby and I are visiting Nana and Papa in Santa Barbara for a little while and one of the perks of being a grandma is that you can give your grandchildren gifts of love at any point. The adorable Neopolitan colored dress below is one of those grandma/Nana gifts.

A silly little Lady.

Congradulations to the Newlyweds
A family friend, Chad Mills, got married so we had occasion to wear such a darling outfit! The reception was held on the beach in and beautifully decorated. There were many familiar and happy faces and several fun children for Ashby to run about and play with.
Mommy and her girl.

Me, McKay, David, Ian and Tracy catch up.

the Toddler battlefield!

My Favorite Girl
Ever Curious


as Ashby would say,
"See ya, Bye!"

I sometimes wish she could stay like this forever! Even though there are hard moments, she is in fact my favorite girl!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Now, for those of you don't know...I'm not Mexican or of other hispanic decent. I am, however a native to southern California. So, Cinco de Mayo is a day for a fiesta! Ashby and I didn't spend the day slaving over the meal in the kitchen all day, but we did have tomales and nachos for our dinner. NO party is complete without some fun companeros so we invited our cousins over. Larry and Trine and Leyna came with the nachos, lots of creativity and excitment for a fun evening. The highlight of the night was Larry's singing skills. Leyna dressed up in her daddy's costume...very funny, a home made pinata and of course the desert!

Everyone looking happy with their dulces from the pinata!

Ashby thought that the box was more for
laughing at then hitting, so daddy came to help her out.

Ashby and Leyna being buddies

Home made pinata! Thanks for thinking of it Trine! Our girls loved it!

LOS DULCES!!! Bien hecho Leyna!

For those how want to make their own amazing pinata of fun, just reuse that old cereal box before you recycle it! It sure was a fun and creative way for us all to be together!
Look up at the camera Ashby!
Our "fried" Ice cream dessert!

Friday, May 9, 2008

First Hair Cut

Ashby got here first today.

Ashby was such a good girl, she didn't cry at all.

It's not a lot, but it was kind of exciting for us as parents.