Sunday, September 13, 2009

YouTube Kitty

Ashby and Nana have watched this Kitty Video at least a half a dozen times in the past 2 days (probably more) and it is pretty funny! Below is the video of Ashby watching the video. In it you'll get the jist of the youtube video, but if you are a kitty lover please go to the link above! If you're an Ashby lover, please see the video below! As always, Ashby has a blast with her sweet Nana.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 29th Handsome

When Ryan told me he wanted to go to Fuddruckers, a hamburger-type only place, for his birthday dinner with his family I have to admit I was thinking "ahh man". It's not that I don't enjoy a good burger now and then. It's just (as my dad now knows -sorry Tommy's Burgers) I kind of am one to get over eating burgers rather quickly.
But don't worry the food was more than just a burger. The atmosphere was fun and we had a good time.

Then for Sunday dinner my family came down to celebrate and enjoy some time together. My mom is lucky lady and has a "tamale lady" that makes frequent stops to sell yummy food at her
house! So she brought yummy Mexican food plus a home made peanut-chocolate ice cream cake! Mmmmm. We laughed, told silly stories and had a really nice evening. We were so glad to have as many family members there as we did!
Then afterward just before Ashby went to bed, we decided we needed a family picture of the day daddy got wiser :). Yep, London is in it too.
Hope it was a fun weekend Ryan

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 40

Still pregnant. Feeling really well. Gonna try jogging and walking more. Neighbors are inviting me over to use their trampoline. It's okay, I have a bunch of laundry to do tomorrow....maybe I'll attempt a simple (I mean straight lines only) sewing project? But I think we are all ready for London's arrival. I guess all we can do is pray and wait patiently. But who knows, tomorrow is "Labor Day"

Problem Solved

Before you go on a trip you have to pack your bags right.
Ashby understand this.
Before we visit family we pack our bags.
Before Nana could come here, she had to pack her bags.
Before Ryan and I go to the hospital, we had to pack our bags.
So our bags have all been packed and we're waiting.
Ashby and I even sing a song to our London Mae asking her if she is "gonna come out today" almost every day.
But I'm pretty sure that Ashby has solved the problem.
Today after we sang our little song I asked:

Me: Do you think she'll come today?
Ashby: No, probably not
Me: Why not, Nana is here, I've cleaned, organized and I'm all packed. What are we waiting for?
Ashby: London just needs to get her bag ready.

So if anyone knows how to do that, let me know. Cuz we are ready to welcome her at any time now!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Playing at a Friends

It happens all the time. Children get bored at home. Bored with THEIR toys. You understand if you are a mother.
At this point you are happy when another mom calls you to say her son/daughter would like you kid to come over to play.
Up to this point in Ashby's life most of such occasions have been known as "play dates" where I would go as well and have a nice time (even if it wasn't exactly what I had been planning to do with my time). Recently though, she has been able to be picked up or dropped off to go play without me. A nice improvement. She is big enough to go away for an hour or two but still need me to help her get to where she is going.

Then Wednesday, she was invited over to our good friends house down the street. The child is 8, but she and Ashby have been having a blast playing together before Ashby could crawl. I'm due to have our second at any point now, so when the mom said her daughter would ride down on her bike to get Ashby I thought, GREAT! She is big enough Ashby can go with her safely.

Then, when our friend arrived and Ashby started to ride off on her bike without me, ALL Big and Grown up, I smiled. Wow, isn't that great. Then as I watched the two of them ride down the side walk together it hit me. WHAM. My baby isn't a baby anymore! I cried. I couldn't help it. The tears literally leaked out! Ryan came out and together we watched her ride all the way to the friends house.
My neighborhood friends have told me that when London is born Ashby will age and grow in an instant. Gee. I already can't believe kindergarden is in JUST 2 years. Can't she stay little for a little bit longer!?
I asked Ashby that. She said, "No Mom. I'm getting bigger see!?"
She's right. I sure love her

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Almost Here!

Here is the pic Ryan took of me to document my belly-ness at 39 weeks. Yes, she's almost here! I'm feeling really good. Little discomforts here and there, but not much to complain about.
Nana doesn't get into town until Friday so I'm not "supposed" to jog everyday to encourage her to come out until she gets here. But I jogged almost a mile yesterday and will probably go again tomorrow or Thursday. In the mean time, I'll try to update this here blog on some of our fun fun summer :)

Apparently we weren't as good about documenting my belly progress with my pregnancy with Ashby, but below are my pregnancy at 38 weeks now and then:

The pictures don't show it here, but I definitely was more swollen with Ashby's pregnancy.

Keeping the Kruegers

So sometime in the last year or so we started hanging out with Ryan's cousin Larry and his cute wife Trine and there adorable little Leyna. Ashby and Leyna are not even two weeks apart in age and as soo cute together. As you can see, they have gotten along pretty well from the start.

Then last fall Trine invited me to join her and some other moms in a home based pre-school group. That was so much fun. The girls learned a lot and Trine and I developed a great friendship. Ashby and Leyna were inseprable (when not having normal toddler tiffs) and we tried to get our families together often.

Then last November Kayla was born. Ashby then had two adorable girls to love.

And the more we all got together, the more friendly and comfortable our families have become. We have taken turns having dinner at each others homes. Watched each others kids. And given each other love and support. We even got to go camping together in July.
But Larry felt it time to head back to school and away to New Hampshire they have moved.
So we miss them and wish them many success'. And here is my first of many tries to keep the Kruegers close to home despite the miles.
Bishops + Kruegers = Love