Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Family Valentines

Because my Missionary Sister, Amy was leaving the MTC on Monday the 16th and she gets to call home from the Airport, we decided to try to be at my parents house when she called.

We decided to just go up to Ogden for the entire weekend including Valentines Day. As a result our Valentines Day was much less romantic and definitely more of just a nice family day! In addition to Grandma and Grandpa Mike we played with Michelle, Jared and Stacy and it still was really fun!
Here is Ashby opening her special gift from Mommy and Daddy.
"This is what I got!"
For Christmas, I had receive slippers that Ashby constantly was trying to steal, so we decided to share the love by finding her own pair to go with her bedtime gift.

The day was a beautiful winter day filled with a little shopping, home browsing, and movie watching.

Later Grandma made a delicous meal for us all. Ashby really loves helping in the kitchen. Here she is pealing the onion! Great job sweetie.

We ended the night after Ashby was asleep with a little alone time by going to get dessert for two!

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