Friday, August 22, 2008

Frigid Bathing!

After being on the road for 2 full days Ryan had enough with feeling grimy. Our campsite was without shower facilities but was right along a river.

Ryan decided to attempt a "bath". Jared shortly joined him.
It was cold enough to keep them to just wading for quite a while.

Dad waded in a joined them to give his tiredlegs some relief. This picture shows the extent to which Ryan and Jared got wet. Ryan to just about belly button, but Jared fully dunked himself just for a moment. They said it was pretty cold, but there was stil a little bit of sun to help warm them post "bath"

The morning of the 19th, I woke up needing to feel clean. So I put on my "bathing" suit and after encouraging my sisters to join me, went and got in. Amy and Michelle joined me, but only I got in past my waist. In fact I stayed in chest deep for around 5 minutes! It was so cold that I found it hard to breath. And 3 hours later I was still feeling cold. Silly? Yes. An experience? Yes.


I love my digital photography becuase a memory card is soo much more convinient to carry than bunches of rolls of film! Enjoy.

More Animals

Elk Cows (female)
Buffalo, we saw lots of these!

Play Break

After we watched Old Faithful blew we all had a refreshment break and when I found Ashby, this is what she looked like after playing in the black, incredibally difficult to dust off, sand.

Old Faithful

Ashby was thoroughly entranced by her first visit to Old Faithful. This was a first time visit for Ryan too. It was a beautiful day and all of the family enjoyed it.
Ashby had been asleep less than 15 minutes prior in the car. I had to run her over. Kind of a fun memory.

In the Car

Yeah, we were in the car for way too long!

No Man's Land has a Name

Between the Grand Teton park and Yellow Stone is a beautiful little piece of land. I'd never really heard of it. John D. Rockerfeller Memoial Parkway. Had some beautiful land.

Grand Teton National Park

Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful park:

Teton Mornng Hike

On the 18th we woke to a beautiful clear morning. So Mom, Dad, Jared, Stacy, Ryan and I hiked over to Lewis Lake.

Jared and Ryan found this view first.

Ryan hopped down 8 foot drop to the lake's pebbled shore

I hopped down to join him.

For this view!

My Muscle Man

When we were down on the shore of Lewis Lake, I saw this awesome, huge, old log

I asked Ryan if he could pick it up for a picture

He did it! It was deinitely taller than him. Like a walking stick for a giant!
My Muscle Man! Look at how thick the end is! What a fun way to experience his first visit to the Grand Tetons!

Driving to the Reuion

July 16th was largely spent in the car. Here are some of the highlights:

At a gas station pit stop in a rural area this nice guy was the neighbor. Ashby really was amazed at how big he is in real life!

We had a blanket picnic under the trees for lunch.
Jared, thanks for the funny expression! :)

Stopped to strech our legs and take in the view:

We enjoyed the Grand Teotons National Park Visitor Centor
It was a very modern building and center!

Ashby liked comparing her hands to the paw prints of animals.

And before we set up camp we saw this fuzzy black bear, the first of many animals we would see.