Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11 Months and growing

I can't believe this but London really is a growing up.  I'll save the "proof" pictures for next month.  You know the ones the show her progression over the last year.  But I thought I'd post an update now anyhow.
Things she loves:
Baby dolls (and her Mickey Mouse doll)
Kitty Cats
Blue Berries
Doing what Ashby does
The Beach
It's a Small World ride (at Disneyland)

Things she doesn't like:
Getting her diaper changed
Plain Bread (which she used to like)
Wearing her cute headbands
The Ocean
The Submarine ride (at Disneyland)

Words she can say:
Kitty Cat

Words she can sign:

How much she weighs:
18 lbs

Nick names:
London Mae
Mae Mae
Londy Lu
Squeaker (Grandpa Ken)

In my opinion she doesn't sleep quite long enough.  Ever.  Whether it be from a nap or from a nights sleep.  But she has the cutest little personality that we all just love. She loves to play, takes the intensity of excited Ashby play pretty well and is a pretty good listener too.
Oh how I love you London Mae.