Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Sweet 16 M'Chellie!

Well Michelle is my youngest sister, the baby of the family. Sometimes I forget that we are seperated by 10 years. I mean, what did I do in the first 10 years of my life without her? I mean, she is really fun, smart, cute and generally I think I've always loved her. Okay, well maybe my love was a little conditional (on a name) at the start. But lets not get all worked up about that.

Anyway, on July 7th she turned 16. So of course we had to have a party. In addition to the fam, she had a bunch of her closest friends over for what 16 year old girls to best: giggling, boy talk, laughing and fun! Instead of a cake, she decided on 3 different types of homemade cookies. So the day before, Mom and I spent a long time in the kitchen! For her birthday she got lost of nice things including, but not limited to a copy of Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer. A cute white hat, soda, lotion, movies, music, candy aaAnnd moola to go clothes shopping with. She and I went together on her actual birthday. Thanks sis, for letting me in on the special day!

Here she is blowing out the candle on her cookie-cake! Lookin' cute!

She doesn't have her license yet, so don't get worried about staying clear of the road. But when she does we probably won't have to worry too much, she'll do just fine!

Ashby helped in the kitchen and wanted her picture here to prove it.
Anyway, Happy Birthday lil' sis. Love you big!

Forth of July Fireworks

So in the post just below, you can read about our Independence Day camping trip. But here is what we did after we got back from camping.
We unpacked and then re-packed and headed north to my parents house in North Ogden.
We missed all the parades and activities of the day time celebration, but made it in plenty of time for the firework fun!

We love watching the many (close to 10) different firework shows as the go off throughout the valley below my parents house, in addition to watching the neighborhood street fireworks (thanks to Silly Steve as Ashby called him), the Weber High show and lots of sparklers. We had a lot of fun and Ashby stayed up the whole time! IT was her latest night yet! Fireworks still are fun for me and my fam. Hope they were for you too!

4th of July Camping

Ashby, Ryan and I joined Grandpa Ken and Uncle Preston on a 4th of July trip into the mountains to Celebrate the freedoms we have. As is typical Ken Bishop style that means getting as far away from other people as we could. Which isn't so bad, because it provides a chance so that we could just remeber the beauty of what God placed here in America.
We spent part of 3 days up in the Uintas and spent time relaxing, hiking, playing in the stream, fishing and just spending time together.
Hiking along the stream.
Preston caught this fish with his bare hands! This is is excited face.

Ashby's favorite activity was getting dirty! We had lots of fun and made it home in time for fireworks!