Saturday, January 24, 2009

Missionary Letters

My younger sister Amy went into the MTC on December 17th and she has now been there officially over a month and I think that makes her a veteran. (missionaries serving in their native language on stay for 3 weeks) She hasn't complained about the food and said that she is bored in any way. (Really I think they keep a pretty tight schedule so there isn't much room for boredom to sneak in). And she sends a weekly email to mom and letters as she can to those who write her.

It's been a lot of fun corresponding to letter. And here is our first letter/package from Hermana Amy Dianne Loveless! In addition to an awesome letter, she sent a sketch (soon to be posted on her blog) and her memory card so I could upload photos.

Like anyone of us, Ashby loves getting mail. She was realy excited and wanted to 'read' the letter first! So thats what you see in the picture.

We quickly responded and sent that precious Memory keeper card back to her so we can have more photo fun from her! :)

She leaves on the 16th of Feburary (I think) for Chile, Conception South Mission. The Mission Field! And anyone who wants to write her please do. She always writes the letters are only second to her personal scripture study in giving her strength. Here blog also contains her address if you decided to write. :)
------------------------------ is also free and fantasticly easy way to write to her.

"H" Words

No, this isn't another post about pre-school. That would be really strange to letter "O" and then letter "H".

But really, does anyone know who 'created' Alphabetical Order?? I looked and learned that the longest alphabet has about 51 letters/characters while the shortest has 12. I guess I feel pretty good about our 26. But can you imagine having 51 letters on your cell phone? Man those teenages would have to be AMAZing at texting! (Me, I'm really slow with just our 26, so I probably wouldn't try)

As I was lying in bed trying to pretend I wasn't still awake(before I got up to blog) I realized I was thinking of or creating imaginary blog entries. Thanks to my friend Zina, the origionator of this idea for me, I recognized these thoughts I decided blogging was better alternative to lying uncomfortably in bed. (I mean I can only gaze lovingly at Ryan for so long in the dark okay!)

Now back to "H". So I'm lying there thinking about the many ways to greet another and I realize that I'm creating a list of ways to greet another that all begin with the letter "H":

Hello, Hi, Hey, Howdy, Hola, How are you, using a Handshake, etc.

Can you think of others?

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea:
Using cell phone during the wee hours of the morning as a flash light to find things in dark bedroom and avoid turning light on, which avoids waking up the sleeping husband.

Bad Idea:
Accidentally pushing the 'auto dial my husbands phone' button while using cell for as a flash light in the wee hours of the morning.

Sam Sheep Can't Sleep

So it's 6AM and I have tried for about 40 minutes to fall asleep with no success. Well 6 in the morning isn't too early you say. Well, it feels to me like it 'should be' when it is a Saturday morning and last night you were up until like midnight making a poster!

Anyway, Ryan is usually the one with insomnia. In fact I think this probably my first real no reasaon to be awake in the dark hours of the day that I can think of. Ryan on the other hand, :( not so lucky. In fact he was up earlier this week for a couple hours one night.

I guess that is the good and bad side of cable TV. Any suggestions for Ryan?

Sam Sheep, the one who can't sleep is a character in a phonics book that I love. In this story the silly sheep also can't sleep and wakes up his dog. His dog tells him of a neighbor that can help. Well, before too long, each neighbor knows who can help and in the end I think Sam Sheep falls asleep from all the late or mid-night walking that they do. hehe

I neither have a talking dog or neighbors I wish to wake up at the hour. So I got up and this the the result.