Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kiddie Pool Glory

When Ashby was born 3 Junes ago my mom give us this little kiddie pool. At the time I remember thinking something like, "Cool. What do I use this for, I have an infant." But oh, the wisdom of a Grandma. It wasn't too long before we used it. I don't have photo documentation to prove it, but I'm pretty sure we tried it a couple times with our 3-4 month old and we have used it every summer since.
This year, however I think the Kiddie Pool is coming into it's own and reaching into the throws of toddler-hood Glory. We pumped it up about 2 weeks ago when the temperature was a unpleasant constant of 85 degrees plus. And since that day we havn't gone 2 days without using it at least once.
On a few occasions we have even had a very excited running around the house in her bathing suite at 8 AM in the morning!

It's not very big but so far neither Ashby nor any of her cute friends we've had over have minded. We look forward to a summer of many wet afternoons with friends. And a big thank you to Grandma Loveless for an inexpensive yet genius gift!