Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day

This year for Father's Day we joined my parents and siblings on a relaxing Father's Day campout! We went up Southfork campground in the the Ogden Valley and enjoyed the beautiful weather, the hikes, campfires, books (mostly The Host), the river and each other.

Daddy and Grandpa

Ashby and Grandma enjoyed playing together!We all started off together on our little hikes...

...but before too long, Ryan'd be off on his own finding the paths to the top.

Yes, we are all pretty much Stephenie Meyer fans! My good friend Laurel let me borrow it and I ended up reading it out loud like it was story time at the library! For those of you who havn't read it, it was good. It had it's intense, sad and funny moments. She did an excellent job reminding us that there must be opposites in all things for us to appreciate the good. I recommend it to you.

Growth of Ashby

A good friend of mine, Sam, just started a blog (Yippee!). And she showed pics of her husband, Rick, with their kids from every year. Thanks for the idea, hope you don't mind sharing. Here are some from Ryan's first 3:

2006: First Father's Day, just 9 days old!

2007: Our little one year old, again in the mountains

2008: Camping for fun!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ashby is Officially 2

2nd Birthday Party #2
Here is our birthday Girl! With both cheeks painted playing out back in on the grass. Our family and friends gathered with us here in Orem at the house. We had a handful of neighborhood friends and they each had a chance to make their own "party" hat, get their face painted and just have fun. We sang, had cake and ice cream and had presents. Overall I'd say that turning 2 seems more fun then turning 1. Enjoy some of our snapshots.
Singing and Cake
You can sing along if you'd like! :)

She Blew out the Candle! Horse Cake Loved being sang to!

Present Time!
The high pile of presents were much appreciated. She loves everything. But what I loved best were the tons of tissue paper used in wrapping. Did you know it is fun to stand under like falling leaves? Ashby Loved it

Friends and Family
Cute and Smileing faces

Lots of love.

Grandpa Ken and Uncle Preston where also there, I just failed to get them in photos. Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason left on dates! Anyway, it was fun to celebrate and to feel the love that we share in children.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ashby's Early Celebration. A Picnic Party!

Ashby's 1st, 2nd Birthday!
May 24th

Because Nana and Papa won't be able to make it out to Utah for her real birthday, we had to celebrate early! What was orignally planned to be a picnic on the beach ended up in the backyard due to cold almost raining weather. We still had lots of fun.
Here Daddy is showing her how to Celebrate!

Happy Happy Birthday Wind..I mean Ashby
Blowing out the candles!

The Happy Picnic Party Goers

Ashby the entertainment for the party.
"Look Mom!"
Doesn't she look like a 16 year old wishing this cool car was her cool car! hehe
Our Sweet Party Girl