Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blogger Issues

In the past I could upload the pictures I wanted to use in any order then move them around in the text before posting to the exact location I wanted. Now I can't. They stay put. What's up with that???

Does anyone out there in blogger-ville know?


So before having kids the terms playdates had little meaning to me. Now 3 years 9 months and 2 kids later. WOW. Did you know that a playdate can: Bring smiles and tears. Provide freedom. Show creativity. Build social skills. Make messes. Provide an opportunity to Share and Fight. Laugh. Run. Rest. Clean a room.

I love them. Ashby Loves them. London one day will too.

Today Ashby got to play with the 1 boy out of like 8 three year olds in our ward/neighborhood. It went well. Thanks Z. for letting him come.

A Carrot to hold

Did I mention that London has two teeth. They came to be about 3 weeks ago. It was quite sudden. I didn't notice any extra moodiness. Just one day she had a little bump on the front of her bottom gum. 2 day's later - Teeth!
So now I let her use her little chompers (under strict supervision). She like carrots and cucumbers.

Well really she likes to eat her rice cereal okay. Not so sure about our homemade carrot babyfood. And really thinks that there is nothing better than nursing.