Monday, March 17, 2008

Ladies in Las Vegas

Tracy and I got in the car with her awesome selection for music, a rather well written "dating book" and Ashby and drove down to Vegas to have a nice weekend visit with Lolly, Ava and Brian. We had late night talks and movies. We worked out together, shopped and had a photo shoot! We decided that college friends can be fun even with a couple of toddlers. Ashby and Ava had lots of fun. And so did we!

Lolly helping to beautify our hair!

Each of us took a turn being "America's Top Model"

I think we all had a lot of fun.

We went down to Ceasar's Palace and had a nice lunch, didn't really gamble and tried catch some fun moments.

Beautiful day in Vegas

Ava and Ashby didn't miss a beat, they shopped together, played together, they even had fun in the tub!

Brain, thanks for sharing your girls this weekend, Happy Birthday too.