Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's fun to be a Chun

All the cute little girls there that day!

Our ward had a baptism at the beginning of
Feburary. The Chun's, our good friends,
daughter was being baptized so we went to
show our love and support. :)

The meeting was wonderfully attended by the
family of the of the two children being baptized
and other friends in the area.

The meeting was very spiritually uplifting both
in message and song.

Two of Ashby's dearest and longest friendships!
(they've loved each othersince she was 6 months old)

We were glad we were able to go and show
Ashby what a baptism looks like. She was
happy to know that Missionary Aunt Amy is
finding others in Chile who want to be baptized
It was Ashby's first Baptism!
Afterward all were invited to a fabulous
luncheon with delicious food and treats and lots
of fun for the many children who had sat so
nicely during the baptism meeting.
The Awesome Chun Family

Thanks to the Chuns and others for making
the day very special and fun.
It just proves that it really is 'fun to be a Chun'

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