Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Really Glad her "Drain" works

Ashby is potty trained. This isn't news, it has been several months now that we have been diaper free.
Most of the time when she needs to use the restroom we are alerted to the fact by her calling out (at all hours of the day and night) the she needs "help" The only help she needs is to be given toilet paper (an appropriate amount) so she can take care of business.
Well as usual, this afternoon she calls out for help.
I go into the bathroom to give her toilet paper, reminder to wash her hands and flush the toilet as is routine.
This time I kind of forgot about the routine.

Ashby: My drain works.
Me: What? Your drain works?
Ashby: Yeah, I'm glad my drain works. It held my potty in.
Me: So your "drain" holds your potty for you?
Ashby: Yes. So I don't have accidents
Me: Hmmm. I have a bladder that holds my potty. Do you have a bladder?
Ashby: No, just a drain.

I had to leave pretty quickly after that. I didn't want to laugh openly.
But I am really, really glad that her "drain" works.