Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So Sunday between Conference sessions, Ryan, Ashby and I took a walk. Not that we (Ashby and I) don't walk most days, but to have Daddy along was to big plus. As a result we all decided to try and spend time walking together 2-3 times a week.

Today after dinner was one of those nice times. As we a re walking the following occurs:

Me: Ashby, I see the moon. Do you?
Daddy: It's in the sky.
Ashby: ...It's a Tato!! (taco)
Me: (stiffling a laugh) umm, ya, ok. A taco.
Amy "Hope(d) They('d) Call Her on a Mission"

And they Did! You'll have to guess where this spiritually prepared sister of mine has been called to serve:

a.) Nebraska, spanish speaking
b.) Chile, Spanish speaking
c.) France, French Speaking
d.) Salt Lake Temple Square, French Speaking
e.) California, Spanish Speaking

So Let me tell you about my awesome little siste Amy. She is incredibally talent in many ways; she draws, paints, writes and gernally creates (think greeting cards). She is amazing with children, Ashby's love is proof of that, she loves horses and enjoys camping and got paid to combine the two for the past two summers. Amy will be 21 on Oct 12th, happy early birthday! She can be incredibally funny, has a great happiness about her and her favorite color, yes,you guess it PURPLE! She loves her family and friends and the Lord. I am so excited to have a sister on a mission.

Oh Yeah, she has incredibally cute shoes!

So on October 2nd (Happy Birthday to brother Adam!) we gathered in Ogden at Mom and Dad's house just for the occasion of being with Amy as she opened her Mission Call.

She said while she waited for us to arrive she tried to figure out if she could tell where she was going without opening it by doing things such as holding it up to the light and trying to peek through the window.

Have U figured out where she is going yet?

The place she is going is:

Okay, so I'll give you this: She will be speaking a foreign language.
Let's count up your points for your quiz:

1. Please give yourself 5 point if you choose (a), (b), or (e) for choosing the correct language. Spanish.
2. Please give yourself 5 more points if you choose (b) or (c).
3. Please give yourself 10 more points if you realized that the correct answer is (b). Chile, Concepcion South Mission!
To celebrate the Parents took all who could come to eat at Chili's resurant.

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she will be serving as a Missionary for the next 18 months. If you would like to know more about what we believe, please click here.