Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines Fun

Lots of Treats
I have lots of friends and neighbors that are always doing really really cute holiday activities with their kids (yes, I know I live in Orem, Ut), but I decided that I could do that too. So the following pictures are a result of this new ambition.

Nana Sent us valentines card and goodies, including lots of stickers which Ashby thought were best used as facial decorations!

We made Jello Jigglers! Yummy

We cut out paper hearts and our own Valentines Cards!

We made chocolate covered was sort of a failure. They tasted great but looked a little clumpy. It ended up okay, Daddy still loved them!

We both HAD to have a taste! Yum!

We even continued Nana Haskins' tradition of Cherry Cheesecakes! Ashby only liked the cherries, and I only like the cheesecake. We make a great team!