Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our own Goat

So today while the weather was nice, we went for a walk. Daddy couldn't believe how much fun AND how slow a walk can be when Ashby isn't sitting in her stroller. hehe

But while we were talking we some how began talking about how one day it would be nice to have our own milk cow or even goat. Ashby was listening (as always) and asked what the goats name would be. As our imaginary goat had no name, I asked her what she would like to name it. If you had been with us this is what you would have heard:

Ashby: Lambie
Me: You would name our goat, Lambie?
Ryan: laughter....
Ashby: Yeah, or Lambie-goat
Ryan: you're a goofer Ashby
Ashby: NOoooo
Me: Well, what if we had a Lamb? Would we name it Goatie?
Ashby: Yeah... ...or Goatie-Lamb

I'm not sure where kids get these things, but I'm glad I'm around to enjoy Ashby. ;)


Michelle Loveless said...

*laughs* Seriously...I just tried to post a comment, not sure if it worked. In any case you just made the rest of my school day awesome sauce.

Love you guys!

Michelle Loveless said...

(Look! Blog! How do I add you as a friend?)

T-Ray said...

What a cute girl. You just never know what is going to come out of a child's mouth. It is usually cute/funny. :o)

Shallee said...

She's so cute and creative! Just so you know, goats are mean...I had some once. :)

Shahny said...

haha kids really do say the darnest things