Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Having a Sister

A year ago, our dear cousins had their second child. Another baby girl. Their first being the same age as Ashby and the two girls being buddies, they wanted to be like each other. Cousin L was a "big sister" and this made Ashby want to be a "big sister" too. SO last christmas, Ashby told us she wanted a baby. Well her wish came true and she has loved being a big sister even before London was born. She would tell us about how much fun it would be to share each other's beds and play babies together.
Well she has gotten her wish..sorta

Ashby LOVES London and I have no doubt that London loves her back. She wants to share her fun things with London and thinks London should share too. haha. She knows the changing table is for babies, but wanted to be silly anyway!

PS- T. I'll try to post more soon, but I HAVE to go to sleep now.

Ashby's first Fish

Ryan's Dad is a superb fisherman. He loves all kinds of fishing, but fly-fishing is his favorite. This past spring when the weather got ripe for some good fly fishing (think really nasty, windy and rainy) he would practice casting little in the backyard.

Ashby loved to watch. So one day he made her her own "Rod" out of a flexible limb from a bush.
Since then she has wanted to learn how to fish from Grandpa Ken.

Well on the 10th of October he finally took her. I think she thinks it worth the wait because she came back SOOO excited to have "caught" her first fish!

She even loved eating it that night for dinner. Yum.

Thanks Grandpa Ken, maybe you'll have a new fishing buddy!

London's Infant Photos

These photos were taken when London was 2 weeks old. She wasn't sleepy like we thought she'd be, but I love how they turned out. Marcie Jessee, our photographer, did a fantastic job. Thanks so much Marcie. I can't wait to have her take our family photos!

If your interested in having her take photos for your family or special event, stop by her website to get more info.