Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow fun

Ryan's youngest brother,

Jordan, came into town from Santa Barbara for the 2 weeks of his Christmas Holiday. He is a really fun and cool and super sweet with Ashby so we love having him with us. He knew that he was getting a snow board for Christmas but it wouldn't be available until post Christmas(when Nana Haskins came to town) so we had to creative in finding things to entertain him with before he could hit the slopes.

We got to go sleding which was lots of fun, we even ran into an old companion from Ryan's mission. It was good to meet you Jason Gough and fam. :) We made a small sleding hill (for the neighbor kids) turned snow house/igloo. Thanks Ryan, Preston and Ryan for all your hard work in making the igloo! It has shrunk and grown some with the warm and snowy weather, but it has been fun. We also made one up at my parents house in North Ogden, Thanks Adam for the help! There has been general snow fun, Ashby has become quite efficient at pulling her snow clothes (jump suit, jacket, gloves, boots and beanie) because she really is a little snow bunny! We went ice skating (once with Jordan, once without). And of course the always enticing fun of shoveling the snow off the drive. Ashby got to enjoy all of these.

Oh, I almost forgot and Ashby even got to meet Santa Claus and Prancer our in the snow!

Growing up, It happens

You know your kid is growing up when:

She changes her own diaper.
compelete with wrapping up and throwing away the old one and putting on the new one.


She turns the light off b/c it hurts her eyes
"I can't see with the light on" (she had just woken up)


Chubby Christmas Thighs

2 1/2 years old and 6 months old
Same hat, same cut kid. She's just finally growing into them.