Sunday, March 29, 2009

Because blogger won't let me

So a few weeks ago Ryan bought a much needed phone. But not just any phone. he got me the iPhone. Now, I know I don't need it, I honestly didn't even want it, but it is really cool.

2 of the things I really love are the ability to get online anywhere and the clear pictures it takes.

This morning I had gotten back in bed for a few more minutes of rest when Ashby comes back into my room with the following:
A yummy homemade roll (thanks to Grandpa Ken), sweet Honey and a knife.
Yes she is big enough to reach for and actually retrieve all of these items.
Ashby: Mommy I want honey on my roll
I couldn't help but laugh and grant her wish.

Then about an hour later she comes into the kitchen with this on her lip
I hope this isn't a warning for future experimentation.
But I wasn't worried because when I asked what she was doing she told me
"the clib is tickling my lib"

Again there I snapped another pic.

So with the cool new phone I had I thought I could use these two excellent photos and simply upload them right then and there at the kitchen table to blogger.

I went to I signed in. I clicked "create new post" then on "add picture" but that was as far as I made it. Once inside that window, the option to browse my photos wasn't there. Grrr. So here I am on the laptop, because blogger won't let me have it my way.

Ashby did some growing up today and maybe I regressed a little.

NOTE: It was only a butter knife. The sharp ones are still out of reach.


So in this picture you see Ashby's first black eye. Yes, it is small, but I thought one day she might want to see it... so there it is. It happened around the 28th of Feburary when she tripped while dancing and hit her cheek on the hearth. It never got really too colorful as you can tell.

The other first is this cute kitty. Nana made it for her as a Valentines present! She loves it as you can see. Her first hand made stuffed animal!

Daddy and his girl

Two of my Favorite people. Too cute to pass up. I sure love them. One day we won't be able to have her sleep on us. But for now...we'll take it!

Backyard Fun

Backyard fun, the way only boys can think of spending a nice day in early March.

Big Tractor in a Small Space

Daddy and Ashby "drivin"
Ashby, Grandpa Ken and her pony!
Really the guys rented this big piece of equipment to finish digging a hole for the shed they are building in the back yard. It was a big hole. Some of the neighbors asked if we were building a swimming pool! hehe.
We also had help from our friend Brian. He has a dump truck. Ashby Loved riding in that! Thanks bud.