Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some things I Love

1. Ryan. He is handsome, smart, caring, fun, hard worrking and determined.
2. Ashby. "Hi, I'm Ashby, I'm 2 and a 1/2 and you spell my name "A-S-H-B-Y". She says stuff like that. She's witty(in her way), gives the best hugs, and loves to help.
3.Being pregnant. Especially now as our baby grows and gets bigger. I love being able to feel the kicks, turns and other acrobatics going on inside of me.
4.Great Family and Friends. Life just wouldn't be the same without them. I have been blessed with many. Thanks to each of you for accepting me and helping me.
5.The bread recipe from Pantry Secrets. Really wonderful class and you don't have to have a nice mixer to do the recipe.
6.Running(think jogging). I love the fee
ling at the end. You know, really tired but well worked.
7.Warm feet on cool grass.
8.Photography. Weather it is mine or taken by others, I love the capturing moments of God's beautiful creations.
9.Laughter. This makes me think of Pride and Prejudice and hope that I don't love to laugh "too much" as some of Mr. Bingley's party seem to think of the Bennet girls.
10.Music. Weather instrumental or voice. Weather as a participant or an observer. Music is such a powerful tool.
11.Learning. New things or old things. Gaining new understanding or refreshing and strengthening an old, growth is a wonderful feeling.
12.Parties. Just the kind that bring friends/families together.