Saturday, February 2, 2008

Firsts For Ashby!

Snow Sledding

Ashby had never been sledding, so we decided today was the day. We loaded her up with her snow suit that was way to huge, a sled, cameras and we were off. We had a few stops on the way to the park and she was asleep when we got there. But we were glad that we woke her up for some fun anyway. Ryan and I each took turns going down with her,

but in the end, going together with all 3 of us was the most fun! Ashby may not look too excited but each time we talked about going back home she just wanted to stay with the "sNOw". She doesn't really know how to play in the snow, but she knows she likes it. Enjoy the Videos!

Learning Her "C's"
In the last few weeks we have started asking Asbhy if she wanted to pray, go potty, read the story or the scriptures and also if she wanted to say her "ABC's". Well, I find it silly yet exciting to share that she will fold her arms for the prayer and say "Aman" when we are through, she has gone potty on the toilet twice! She loves reading stories all the time and each night she "reads" or repeats one scripture. We are having fun helping her learn to count to ten in English, Spanish and Italian and as well as how to say I love you. In fact her favorite way to say "I love you" is "Ti ado" which is closest to the Italian "Ti Amo". But the funnest for me has been how fun it is for Ryan and I to help her learn the alphabet. We do sing the traditional song for her but we found that she is much more responsive to repeating each letter after we say it. She can't say them on her own, but it is wonderful to help you kid grow! We sure love her.