Friday, October 31, 2008

Like Daddy!

Ashby tryin' on the wig!

Halloweens Past

4 month old Ashby the cloud? marshmellow? giant cottonball?

16 month old Ashby the duck (made by Grandma Loveless!)

Ward Halloween Party

This was a great party and it isn't just because we didn't have to plan it! (we are the Ward Activities Commitie Chair)! There was lots of yummy chili and stew, crafts, a costume parade, root beer chugging, a pie eating contest and Trunk or Treating! Thanks to Sister Herrmann and the young women for all their hard work!

Great Costumes!

My favorite "trunk" to get "treats" at!

Ashby and her friends!

Family Portrait: Witch, Giraffe, Hairman?

Happy Halloween!


So our good friend and cousin Trine got 5 mom's and their 2 year old together for a weekly pre-school about 2 months ago. Each week we meet at a different mom's house to learn about a letter of the alphabet. The lessons are reletively simple (they're 2!) but fun for both moms and kids. This week happened to be my turn and the letter happened the be "H"! SO of course we had to wear out costumes and learn about the letter "H" via Halloween activities.
This week we had a first in our little pre-schools history, we had a field trip! We went to Pumpkinland! Apparently this place is so poplar, real school bring their kids there by the bus loads, but we missed 2 groups, slidding in just after one and leaving just before another.
The pre trip line up.

A pumpkin, lion, duck, fire fighter, bunny, giraffe, and duck (minus the cute puffy part)!

Everyone loved blow up Elmo!

Sittin' on the hay. Smile! Cousins: Leyna Bunny & Ashby Giraffe This guys was the winner of the pre-school scarecrow contest!
No, Ashby and I aren't ghost for real!

We all took pictures in with these halloween themed prop ups!

Aside from our little animals running about, Pumpkinland also had lots of animals of their own.

Chickens and Rooster, Bunnies (and baby bunnies), Goats, Ducks, Emus, and field mice!

The kids really enjoyed getting to see them all.

There are also tons of play areas! The kids loved it. this was a set of tunnels and tubes fot the kids to climb on and through.\There also was a "House of Hay", a Castle and lots of dirt, but this was the topper by far!

The kids loved this adult sized Jack-o-latern! They could crawl in the front or walk in the back. We spent a good ten minutes just on this! They ran around and in it. But mostly jumped! For some reason, obvious to 2 year olds, this was almost as fun the jump in as a bounce house!

There also was a light ally with lights and Holiday themed blow ups, AND Cinderella's Carriage Flying!

We had a lot of fun and lots of cute pictures!
Ashby loved pumpkin land, she yells "Pumptin Land!" if we look at the picks or talk about it!
At first I couldn't get her to sit on the pumpkins, in the end she wouldn't get off of them!

Thanks Trine for setting up pre-school in the first place!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hair Stylist Ashby

I recently got a new round brush. Ashby loves using it.
It's way "cooler " than her pink princess brush?! hehe

Look, Bangs! Just keep Rollin'

Pucker up! Smile!

Flower Girl Ashby

So Preston and Alisha are getting married and are going to have beautiful affair. Ashby is going to get to be part of it along with Alisha's niece, Kiara. The two of them are going to be "flower girls". :)

So today first thing this morning Ashby asked to be "dressed up". After putting on the dress I threw on the bow. She and Kiara are going to be so cute!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I've Been "Bag Tagged"

My college roomie Lolly Bag tagged me. So here is the contents of my purse.
-lotion bottle
-cell phone
-2 "My Little Ponies"
-2 types of Tic Tacs (1 orange & 1 "geen")
-1 partially used Ashby tissue
-Michaels coupon
-1 pair of socks
-3 pens
-1 purple crayon
-2 floss sticks
-3 flavors of fruit leather (yum!)
-chapstick, lipgloss, lipstick, lip liner
-1 sparkly braclet
-1 pink hair thing
-2 leaves for tracing
-1 little spoon
-hand sanitizer
-quick dry nail polish
(a two year old doesn't hold still for very long!)
-2 shower invitations

Now I get to tag some other friends:
Gretchen, Lauren, Sam, and Diana
Have fun!

In Case You didn't know...

Preston, my brother-in-law is getting married!

He and Alisha Porter, so cute and fun, are tying the knot next month and have been kept busy getting all the details done since their engagement in August. We have been so happy for them and had so much fun getting to know her and her family!
So here is a late, but important congradulation on an exciting up coming day.
Love you both!

Cute Kitten(S)

Our Cat Mango had kittens in the end of Augugst. There were 5 in the original litter. Unfortuately 3 died the the first week. :(
But the first 2 born are now 9 weeks old.
Ashby just loves her "baby titties" :) So we thought you would too.
Here is the cute little black one.
Pumpkin? and Kettle?

They sleep together on this blanket in the garage.
Here is our really cute lil' orange fluff ball
Let me know if you want one. hehe:)

Friday, October 17, 2008

No Boys!

Disclaimer: having babies is great, they are really cute and the turn into toddlers who are really fun. Having oldder kids is amazing because the are old enough to respond with logic.


The night time routine here is great. 4 simple steps:
1. Scriptures
2. Song
3. Prayer
4. Bed

Yeah, the Wheeler kids actually just go right to sleep. We are hoping Ashby picks up on it. :)

Tonight we read(1) 3 Nephi 14. 3 Ne. 14: 24-27 stood out (about the wise and foolish men), so for out song(2) we sang The Wise Man and the Foolish Man. Anyone familiar with this will recall the hand motions that go with the chorus.

The rains came down (hands moving down like rain)
And the flood cam up (hands moving up)

Well. During this song Isaac (11) changes things up:

The floods came down
And the rains came up.

We finish and Mabel (8) can't believe he did that.

Mabel: Isaac, why did you do that ?
Me: Oh, come on Mabel, he had too, all boys his age do it!
Mabel: Really?
Me: Yeah, boys his age even did it when I was in Primary!
Mabel: (look of astonishment)
Me: Boys did it then, Isaac does it now, Henry will do it, my sons will probably do and so will yours one day!
Mabel (immediately): I don't want to have boys!!
Me: what?
Mabel: I'm not having boys, just girls, nice sweet girls
Me(laughing): oh yeah?
Mabel: Yes, nice sweet girls, but not too many of them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Potty Girl Rose

So as you can read in the post below, we are babysitting our friends' 4 kids this week. Their mom has great blogging skills capturing the funny moments she experiences with them. So here is a small attempt to continue in her absence.

Rosie is their 4 year old daughter, who amazingly still naps.

Monday Rose wakes up early from her nap.
She comes out of her room.

Me: Rose, are you gonna go potty?
Rose: yes.

She goes into the bathroom leaving the door open (I'm used to it, Ashby is potty training)
It had snowed the day prior.

Rose: I think it should snow again. Snow is white and cold. It's melting today though.
Me: You're right Rosie.
Rose: I'm Smart!
Me(chuckling): Yeah, you're good at figuring things out Little Rosie.
Rose: you mean, Potty Girl Rose.
Me: what?
Rose: I'm Potty Girl Rose.

so cute

a Week at the Wheelers

About a month ago, a friend named Zina Wheeler (pronounced Z-eye-na) asked me if Ryan and I would watch their kids when they went on a week long trip to Hawaii. After some thought we said yes. So Dean and Zina left last Saturday for Hawaii and come home this Saturday. We stepped in as babysitters and house sitters on Sunday morning at 9 AM. Yeah, and our ward at church meets at 11AM! So luckily their grandpa had them feed and the girls had gotten themselves dressed. Sacrament was a bit hard, but we made it through and had a nice quite sunday. It was so peaceful that Ryan wasn't used to it.

They have 4 kids, so Ryan and I became the "parents" of 5 kids for the week. :) No, we aren't crazy! They are really good and fun kids. Their agas range from 11 to 2. The biggest conflicts have been btw their 2 yr old, Henry, and our's, Ashby. To learn about how funny and smart these kids can be check out Zina's blog. We are staying at their house, just around the corner from ours and they have given us the keys to a shiny white mini-van. Yes, Mom, I'm driving a mini-van for the week! :)

Anyway, now you know a little bit about who these other kids are. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So Sunday between Conference sessions, Ryan, Ashby and I took a walk. Not that we (Ashby and I) don't walk most days, but to have Daddy along was to big plus. As a result we all decided to try and spend time walking together 2-3 times a week.

Today after dinner was one of those nice times. As we a re walking the following occurs:

Me: Ashby, I see the moon. Do you?
Daddy: It's in the sky.
Ashby: ...It's a Tato!! (taco)
Me: (stiffling a laugh) umm, ya, ok. A taco.
Amy "Hope(d) They('d) Call Her on a Mission"

And they Did! You'll have to guess where this spiritually prepared sister of mine has been called to serve:

a.) Nebraska, spanish speaking
b.) Chile, Spanish speaking
c.) France, French Speaking
d.) Salt Lake Temple Square, French Speaking
e.) California, Spanish Speaking

So Let me tell you about my awesome little siste Amy. She is incredibally talent in many ways; she draws, paints, writes and gernally creates (think greeting cards). She is amazing with children, Ashby's love is proof of that, she loves horses and enjoys camping and got paid to combine the two for the past two summers. Amy will be 21 on Oct 12th, happy early birthday! She can be incredibally funny, has a great happiness about her and her favorite color, yes,you guess it PURPLE! She loves her family and friends and the Lord. I am so excited to have a sister on a mission.

Oh Yeah, she has incredibally cute shoes!

So on October 2nd (Happy Birthday to brother Adam!) we gathered in Ogden at Mom and Dad's house just for the occasion of being with Amy as she opened her Mission Call.

She said while she waited for us to arrive she tried to figure out if she could tell where she was going without opening it by doing things such as holding it up to the light and trying to peek through the window.

Have U figured out where she is going yet?

The place she is going is:

Okay, so I'll give you this: She will be speaking a foreign language.
Let's count up your points for your quiz:

1. Please give yourself 5 point if you choose (a), (b), or (e) for choosing the correct language. Spanish.
2. Please give yourself 5 more points if you choose (b) or (c).
3. Please give yourself 10 more points if you realized that the correct answer is (b). Chile, Concepcion South Mission!
To celebrate the Parents took all who could come to eat at Chili's resurant.

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she will be serving as a Missionary for the next 18 months. If you would like to know more about what we believe, please click here.