Monday, February 2, 2009

Tracy and Brent

Tracy and I have known each other for like 8 years. I'm pretty sure we met in the spring term of my freshman year at UCSB. We hung out some here and there, made delicious monster cookies and I think that made us eternal friends!

Anyway, we both life in Happy Valley and so we try to get together. And now that she has a special main man I especially wanted to meet him!
Brent seems like an awesome guy and they are soo cute together!

After a delicous dinner in we played Rock Band (for our first time). Tracy is a pro and the rest of us did our best and had a blast!

One of the many fun dates that Ryan and I seemed to go on this Month. Man so far our social life this year has been happinin'. Thank Tracy and Brent for being so fun.

Martin Luther King Day

As both of my parents and Michelle (the only sibling under 18) had no work and school they took leave of North Ogden for the day to come to Orem to play with us!

Aunt Michelle is a favorite and here she is doing one of Ashby's favorite things: Reading to her

We had yummy sandwiches and homemade Oreo Cookies (thanks Mom!) Then we piled into my parents car and drove over to the indoor play area at the University mall. It is a BIG prehistoric tree-house with a slide. (I really think it is fun but also a bit of a waste...they could/should have added a couple more slides to the thing!) It has the skeleton of a T-Rex lying down that kids can run through and climb on and a spine to try to balance on.
Overall not nearly as fun as a real play ground...but given the time of year and the temperature was great!

Then my mom ran over to Deseret book to buy a "Future Missionary" tag for Ashby as our Amy had asked! Ashby was so excited to be like Aunty Amy the Missionary. Thanks Mom.

Afterward we all went out to eat before and watched Mansfield Park.
Michelle, Mom, Ashby and Me
Thanks Mom and Dad for driving down!

The Return of the....

...JELLO Jiggler
Ashby LOVES Jello Jigglers and we hadn't made them for quite a while...Halloween? So we made some more! Ashby sure wishes it worked faster.

She still has a little trouble saying "Jigglers". But I think it's kinda cute

Camping in House

I grew up camping. Every summer without fail my parents packed us all up in the current van and drove us all over the western United States. I definitely feel like I can say I like camping

A general definition I've heard of camping is "roughing it".
Some might define this as:
-going RVing
-sleeping on the couch
-Staying in Motel
-sleeping under the stars
-puttin' up a Tent

Now regardless of your roughin' it experience I grew up tent camping with the occasional back packing trip or one night visit to a Motel just to mix it up. We have taken Ashby every summer so far and done a little of the same (although my parents do now pull a 30ft trailer which has its conveniences).

Anyway, Grandpa Ken put up his 2 man tent the about the middle of January to make sure it would work for his Scout campout Ashby liked it soo much we left it up all day! We definitely need to invest in a play tent just for her (cheaper to replace)!
We are already planning some family camping trips at Ashby suggestion!

Dinner with Laurel and Steven

Ashby just Loves Laurel

Laurel and I became fast friends back during our year of every night of the week, 5 hour massage training back in 2004-2005! We've been best friends ever since.
They weren't there for our wedding (2003) but we got to be there for their (2005). Laurel was there with us when Ashby was born and they've felt like family for a long time. So when we get th chance to enjoy part of a day together we're pretty happy about it.
Strike a pose guys!

Once there was a Snowman....

Ashby loves snowmen. She even has one on her wall in her room! She loves to sing about them, make them out of play dough and really liked me to read her the Frosty the Snowman book! So when it snowed early in January I figured the following was long past due.
Her first snowman!
With a Licorice Rope mouth and a Carrot nose and two eyes made out of Grapes!
That day when Ryan came home from work he didn't stop to look at the front of the snowman (with the face) and came in to compliment us on our "Snow Potato"! Silly Daddy

Cutie in Janurary

These are just pictures for the family that live far away! :)
We think Ashby is kind of a cute kid, so sometimes we document it

Wearing Daddy's New Bronco's Beanie!

It makes Ashby a little silly
Ashby tried to fit in the guitars bag...

More evidence of cute silliness!