Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ashby's Dressing UP

One of Ashby's favorite activities

Showing off for Nana in her balla'ina skirt
Nov 1st

Every girl needs a silk robe
Nov 1st

Blues Clues makes everything more fun!
Catching snow on her tongue!
Nov 5th

I'm all growin' up
Auntie M'shelles and Mommy's things
Nov 18th
Loveless Family Pictures

Adam came out for three things:
1. Mom's 52nd birthday CHECK
2. Michelle's Play (Peter Pan) CHECK
3. Early Thanksgiving CHECK
Now, my parents used to take all us kids dressed up and "happy" to Olen Mills picture studios for family photos. That ended after too many of us were teenagers. So up until a couple of years ago we didn't have any recent (like in the past 5 years) family pictures.
Anyway, now we try and do it at least once every year when we all together.