Saturday, May 17, 2008

The little Ice Cream Dress

The Perfect Gift
So Ashby and I are visiting Nana and Papa in Santa Barbara for a little while and one of the perks of being a grandma is that you can give your grandchildren gifts of love at any point. The adorable Neopolitan colored dress below is one of those grandma/Nana gifts.

A silly little Lady.

Congradulations to the Newlyweds
A family friend, Chad Mills, got married so we had occasion to wear such a darling outfit! The reception was held on the beach in and beautifully decorated. There were many familiar and happy faces and several fun children for Ashby to run about and play with.
Mommy and her girl.

Me, McKay, David, Ian and Tracy catch up.

the Toddler battlefield!

My Favorite Girl
Ever Curious


as Ashby would say,
"See ya, Bye!"

I sometimes wish she could stay like this forever! Even though there are hard moments, she is in fact my favorite girl!