Monday, April 13, 2009

New hair gel

We decided to make our cousin Trine's awesome (I mean Fantastic) chocolate chip cookie recipe. Last time I made it was by myself as it had been past Ashby's bedtime. This time we did it together.
Ashby's specialty is pouring, dumping and helping to crack.

She really is pretty good at helping to add the ingredients (especially if I bring the mixing bowl to her level). But I have decided that when using shortening, I think in the future I'll ask her to wait that part out. While helping she got some in hair. When I tried to clean it out this was the result.
Hair gel.
Her hair stood perfectly straight up.
About 5".


trine k said...

so awesome, I can't believe she put shortening in her hair- yuck! We missed you guys this week, hopefully we can play again soon! mmm, and I still need your enchilada recipe, or at least the way you made it the other night...craving it...!

Shahny said...

Thanks for the advice lol