Monday, April 13, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Non-Date

So while Michelle and I went dress shopping (see post below) Ryan was kind enough to watch Ashby. He actually was really cute and told her how excited he was to go on a "Daddy-Daughter-Date" with her. And our silly, sweet little Ashby completely objected. She wanted to go with Daddy to the Mall, but definitely not on a date! I guess maybe she just wants to wait until she is 16 for one of those date thingys.

When we caught up with them Ashby and Daddy shared that they had lots of fun! Daddy even let Asbhy choose her very own nail polish! She chose purple!

Later at home, Daddy completely wowed and amazed up all by painting her nails as soon as we all got home!


Anonymous said...

I love that he painted her nails. That's so cute.

Shahny said...

fer cute!! I sure want Billy to have daddy-daughter dates if we have girls