Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend at Grandparents Loveless Part 3

April 11th
My brother Jared and his fun wife Stacy also decided to spend Easter weekend at Mom and Dad's and they brought the fun. Meaning the brought a Wii and a WiiFit! Everyone took turns including Ashby.
Her favorite seems to be the free run. You run following your "trainer" and part way through have the option to chase a puppy. She really like trying to catch the cute puppies!
Also on Saturday Grandma, Ashby and I did some fun crafts.
Bunny CupCakes
My Great-Grandma's recipe. She made them every Easter. At least until she was like 90 years old. She was a very talented woman and made everything beautiful including these sweet little Easter treats.

I'd never made them before. Thanks Mom for doing them with us! Let's do it agin next year! Ashby and I really had fun. Ashby's bunny faces can only improve from here right? ( you use food coloring and a toothpick on the marshmellows to make the face and Ashby's looked more like the bunnies had been shot....ewww. Don't worry, she ate all of the evidence). I guess we'll work on our smiley faces.

The grass is coconut dyed green! And my Great-Grandma came up with this cute idea without the websites I would have needed today.

Mom helped Ashby to creat a "swirl" or "no wind" kite. It was just out of paper, stick and string with color love by Ashby. It didn't take long and provided lots of smiley fun!

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Matt and Gretchen said...

Love the pics of Ahs and Grandma! They look so cute!