Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend at Grandparents Loveless Part 2

April 10th
My youngest sister Michelle asked me about 2 months ago if I'd go dress shopping with her. Just for fun. So I thought....Michelle, shopping, fun. Those are all things I like. So sure, let's go

We don't live super close and only go up to North Ogden to visit Michelle and my parents about 1.5 times a month. And those are normally quite full, fun and busy visits. So's taken me a while.
She kept asking and reminding me about going because, yes, I am pregnant and will get bigger before I get smaller. She figured a higher rate of fun would be incurred by both she and I if both of us could actually fit into the dresses.
We finally went this past Friday.
In case you were wondering this is what Michelle+Shopping+Fun looks like:

Later Daddy and Ashby caught up with us and Ashby and I tried on Pink dresses together! :)

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Matt and Gretchen said...

LOVE IT! Nothing like Girl time!