Sunday, September 6, 2009

Problem Solved

Before you go on a trip you have to pack your bags right.
Ashby understand this.
Before we visit family we pack our bags.
Before Nana could come here, she had to pack her bags.
Before Ryan and I go to the hospital, we had to pack our bags.
So our bags have all been packed and we're waiting.
Ashby and I even sing a song to our London Mae asking her if she is "gonna come out today" almost every day.
But I'm pretty sure that Ashby has solved the problem.
Today after we sang our little song I asked:

Me: Do you think she'll come today?
Ashby: No, probably not
Me: Why not, Nana is here, I've cleaned, organized and I'm all packed. What are we waiting for?
Ashby: London just needs to get her bag ready.

So if anyone knows how to do that, let me know. Cuz we are ready to welcome her at any time now!

1 comment:

Shahny said...

haha how cute! She definitely understands the concept lol

ps. Billy and I were thinking of "Mae" if we have a lil girl! Great minds think alike hehe