Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Keeping the Kruegers

So sometime in the last year or so we started hanging out with Ryan's cousin Larry and his cute wife Trine and there adorable little Leyna. Ashby and Leyna are not even two weeks apart in age and as soo cute together. As you can see, they have gotten along pretty well from the start.

Then last fall Trine invited me to join her and some other moms in a home based pre-school group. That was so much fun. The girls learned a lot and Trine and I developed a great friendship. Ashby and Leyna were inseprable (when not having normal toddler tiffs) and we tried to get our families together often.

Then last November Kayla was born. Ashby then had two adorable girls to love.

And the more we all got together, the more friendly and comfortable our families have become. We have taken turns having dinner at each others homes. Watched each others kids. And given each other love and support. We even got to go camping together in July.
But Larry felt it time to head back to school and away to New Hampshire they have moved.
So we miss them and wish them many success'. And here is my first of many tries to keep the Kruegers close to home despite the miles.
Bishops + Kruegers = Love


THE LIZARD'S said...

that is so cute but sad that they moved! right when you make great friends life takes them elsewhere... oh well. c'est la vie. Glad I got to chat with you today! Keep up the good baby cookin' skills!!! lots of love!

trine k said...

oh wow, I'm getting all sparkly. I think you know by now too how much we LOVE your family and MISS YOU! You are the bestest friends a family could ask for, always willing to do anything for us and anything fun with us! Thanks for being so patient with all our quirks and loving us and helping us through it all. Thank you for such a sweet post, it means so much to us! And let us know what's going on with baby, I'm thinking about you....!! Love you!!