Monday, February 2, 2009

Camping in House

I grew up camping. Every summer without fail my parents packed us all up in the current van and drove us all over the western United States. I definitely feel like I can say I like camping

A general definition I've heard of camping is "roughing it".
Some might define this as:
-going RVing
-sleeping on the couch
-Staying in Motel
-sleeping under the stars
-puttin' up a Tent

Now regardless of your roughin' it experience I grew up tent camping with the occasional back packing trip or one night visit to a Motel just to mix it up. We have taken Ashby every summer so far and done a little of the same (although my parents do now pull a 30ft trailer which has its conveniences).

Anyway, Grandpa Ken put up his 2 man tent the about the middle of January to make sure it would work for his Scout campout Ashby liked it soo much we left it up all day! We definitely need to invest in a play tent just for her (cheaper to replace)!
We are already planning some family camping trips at Ashby suggestion!

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T-Ray said...

Cute! I like camping too. My old roommates used to put a tent up in the living room and sleep in it. It was kind of funny the first time.