Monday, February 2, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

As both of my parents and Michelle (the only sibling under 18) had no work and school they took leave of North Ogden for the day to come to Orem to play with us!

Aunt Michelle is a favorite and here she is doing one of Ashby's favorite things: Reading to her

We had yummy sandwiches and homemade Oreo Cookies (thanks Mom!) Then we piled into my parents car and drove over to the indoor play area at the University mall. It is a BIG prehistoric tree-house with a slide. (I really think it is fun but also a bit of a waste...they could/should have added a couple more slides to the thing!) It has the skeleton of a T-Rex lying down that kids can run through and climb on and a spine to try to balance on.
Overall not nearly as fun as a real play ground...but given the time of year and the temperature was great!

Then my mom ran over to Deseret book to buy a "Future Missionary" tag for Ashby as our Amy had asked! Ashby was so excited to be like Aunty Amy the Missionary. Thanks Mom.

Afterward we all went out to eat before and watched Mansfield Park.
Michelle, Mom, Ashby and Me
Thanks Mom and Dad for driving down!

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Michelle said...

I love that picture...It's so fun! I think I may have to steal it for facebook. ^.~

That was a very fun day, despite the fact that it was rather cold when we watched Mansfield Park.