Monday, February 2, 2009

Tracy and Brent

Tracy and I have known each other for like 8 years. I'm pretty sure we met in the spring term of my freshman year at UCSB. We hung out some here and there, made delicious monster cookies and I think that made us eternal friends!

Anyway, we both life in Happy Valley and so we try to get together. And now that she has a special main man I especially wanted to meet him!
Brent seems like an awesome guy and they are soo cute together!

After a delicous dinner in we played Rock Band (for our first time). Tracy is a pro and the rest of us did our best and had a blast!

One of the many fun dates that Ryan and I seemed to go on this Month. Man so far our social life this year has been happinin'. Thank Tracy and Brent for being so fun.


T-Ray said...

Man! You went to town on blogging today! Catching up are you? ha ha.. I feel so special that you blogged about Brent and I! We had a lot of fun with you guys too! I am so glad that you were able to meet Brent and approve of him. I love having the friend approval. :o) Lets do it again sometime. Love ya!

indymartin said...

Do you both remember when we all worked at that horrible place in Goleta...what was it? I can't even remember the name of it. Little plastic square film. OH HOW I DESPISED THAT JOB!

T-Ray said...

Far West Technology and Health Physics! I was there for 5 years! I can never forget that place. ha ha