Friday, October 31, 2008


So our good friend and cousin Trine got 5 mom's and their 2 year old together for a weekly pre-school about 2 months ago. Each week we meet at a different mom's house to learn about a letter of the alphabet. The lessons are reletively simple (they're 2!) but fun for both moms and kids. This week happened to be my turn and the letter happened the be "H"! SO of course we had to wear out costumes and learn about the letter "H" via Halloween activities.
This week we had a first in our little pre-schools history, we had a field trip! We went to Pumpkinland! Apparently this place is so poplar, real school bring their kids there by the bus loads, but we missed 2 groups, slidding in just after one and leaving just before another.
The pre trip line up.

A pumpkin, lion, duck, fire fighter, bunny, giraffe, and duck (minus the cute puffy part)!

Everyone loved blow up Elmo!

Sittin' on the hay. Smile! Cousins: Leyna Bunny & Ashby Giraffe This guys was the winner of the pre-school scarecrow contest!
No, Ashby and I aren't ghost for real!

We all took pictures in with these halloween themed prop ups!

Aside from our little animals running about, Pumpkinland also had lots of animals of their own.

Chickens and Rooster, Bunnies (and baby bunnies), Goats, Ducks, Emus, and field mice!

The kids really enjoyed getting to see them all.

There are also tons of play areas! The kids loved it. this was a set of tunnels and tubes fot the kids to climb on and through.\There also was a "House of Hay", a Castle and lots of dirt, but this was the topper by far!

The kids loved this adult sized Jack-o-latern! They could crawl in the front or walk in the back. We spent a good ten minutes just on this! They ran around and in it. But mostly jumped! For some reason, obvious to 2 year olds, this was almost as fun the jump in as a bounce house!

There also was a light ally with lights and Holiday themed blow ups, AND Cinderella's Carriage Flying!

We had a lot of fun and lots of cute pictures!
Ashby loved pumpkin land, she yells "Pumptin Land!" if we look at the picks or talk about it!
At first I couldn't get her to sit on the pumpkins, in the end she wouldn't get off of them!

Thanks Trine for setting up pre-school in the first place!


T-Ray said...

Cute pictures Cheryl! Ashby is such a darling giraffe. :o)

trine k said...

ooo, cute family picture at the top Cheryl!! I LOVE fall colors!
And thank you for taking cute pics of the kiddos! I was sad to miss it but so glad you guys took care of Leyna so she could go! You are so great, I'm so glad we get to see each other each week!

Shahny said...

Ashby is sooo adorable. i LOVE the giraffe costume. Gosh i hope my lil girls are as cute as her (of course when i have lil girls lol)