Thursday, October 16, 2008

a Week at the Wheelers

About a month ago, a friend named Zina Wheeler (pronounced Z-eye-na) asked me if Ryan and I would watch their kids when they went on a week long trip to Hawaii. After some thought we said yes. So Dean and Zina left last Saturday for Hawaii and come home this Saturday. We stepped in as babysitters and house sitters on Sunday morning at 9 AM. Yeah, and our ward at church meets at 11AM! So luckily their grandpa had them feed and the girls had gotten themselves dressed. Sacrament was a bit hard, but we made it through and had a nice quite sunday. It was so peaceful that Ryan wasn't used to it.

They have 4 kids, so Ryan and I became the "parents" of 5 kids for the week. :) No, we aren't crazy! They are really good and fun kids. Their agas range from 11 to 2. The biggest conflicts have been btw their 2 yr old, Henry, and our's, Ashby. To learn about how funny and smart these kids can be check out Zina's blog. We are staying at their house, just around the corner from ours and they have given us the keys to a shiny white mini-van. Yes, Mom, I'm driving a mini-van for the week! :)

Anyway, now you know a little bit about who these other kids are. :)

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