Thursday, October 16, 2008

Potty Girl Rose

So as you can read in the post below, we are babysitting our friends' 4 kids this week. Their mom has great blogging skills capturing the funny moments she experiences with them. So here is a small attempt to continue in her absence.

Rosie is their 4 year old daughter, who amazingly still naps.

Monday Rose wakes up early from her nap.
She comes out of her room.

Me: Rose, are you gonna go potty?
Rose: yes.

She goes into the bathroom leaving the door open (I'm used to it, Ashby is potty training)
It had snowed the day prior.

Rose: I think it should snow again. Snow is white and cold. It's melting today though.
Me: You're right Rosie.
Rose: I'm Smart!
Me(chuckling): Yeah, you're good at figuring things out Little Rosie.
Rose: you mean, Potty Girl Rose.
Me: what?
Rose: I'm Potty Girl Rose.

so cute

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