Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Cute little Ashby

Mamma's Little Helper
So normally Thursday is laundry day. Yes, I know that today is Monday. Due to the up coming Christmas Holiday (in a WEEK!) Laundry Day was moved up! So, I am trying to get presents wrapped, clothes cleaned, dried and folded, rooms cleaned and have fun with Ashby all at the same time. So, what do I do? Well, I always take her with me down into the basement to change the loads and let her play with the kitty while we are down there, I read stories in between cleaning moments and we are generally silly during the day. Well, I had all but one load washed, dried or folded but as both machines were full, I felt no need to take the last load down. I had my basket with me at the computer desk on an extra chair, while the said load is still in my room. Well, my favorite little helper comes hobbling down the hall with as many white clothes as she can possibly stuff between her sweet little arms so that she can but those dirty clothes where they belong! She continued this until all of the white clothes were in the basket. I just love these sweet moments!

A Suitor for Ashby?
Tonight we went to the Chun's neighborhood Christmas party. Now for those of you who do not know the Chun's I am sorry. Seriously, you are missing out! They are some of my favorite people! We (Ryan, Ashby and I) have been regulars at their house since the first time we went there in June. With 3 boys and 1 girl ages 15, 13, 8 and 6 one might not see an automatic play mate for our 18 month old Ashby. Well somehow that isn't the case. Their 8 year old son and their 6 year daughter stop by as often as they can on their way home from school b/c they love to play with her. Tonight, at the party at their house was no exception. Ashby was just as happy as could be roaming from one happy group of children to the next buy somehow always finding her way back to one or the other of the younger Chun children. After most of the neighbors had returned to their own homes I was helping Mother Chun to clean up. She said that Alex, the 8 year old, asked, "Momma? Would you think it was weird if I married Ashby?" hehe...we both laughted as she told me. Of course Ashby is definitely not of marring age. And no, we aren't planning to have an arranged marriage! But it sure is sweet to hear a little boy so sincere. :)


Sean,Patty, Merrick and Memphis Donovan said...

Hey hun, how are you? I've been keeping tabs on your blog checking in from time to time to see if there were any updates so I'm glad to see some new pictures and your happy thoughts throughout your blog. That picture at the bottom definitely looks like Merrick especially the blonde hair. By the way you called Merrick, Mason a couple of times which makes me think you were probably just at Deannah's page before checking out our page hehehhehehe. But, totally ok all these M names we've picked for our boys can't be easy to remember. Now you have to throw Memphis into the mix which I'm sure will take some time to get use to. We hope you guys have a great Christmas and if you send me your address I'd love to send you a Christmas Card. Lots of love.

deannah said...

Lol. How appropriate that I would leave the next comment since Patty mentioned Mason.

Sooo sweet of Ashby to really be helping you with the laundry. Mason is more of a "helper" than actual helper, if you know what I mean!

And I'm so proud of you for already doubling your posts this month. Way to go. ;)