Monday, December 17, 2007

The amazing flying time trick...

Have any of you ever noticed how quickly the year has passed?
I am not exactly sure how but I think next time I close my eyes to get some rest, I might wake up to the New Year! I love the Holidays and am so excited that this year I havn't felt too stressed, as of yet. I began this blog over a month ago, maybe two, with great intentions. However, I can't seem to control time very well lately. I think it may have something to do with having a full blown 18 month old toddler! Wow, Ashby has never been more fun, but also never seemed to need to know exactly where I am At All Times!

We had an early Thanksgiving with my parents and all the siblings the weekend before the real turkey day and then drove to California for most of the week of Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time eating, playing and just being with family. Ashby's Nana bought some fun play tubes. The photos are proof of how much fun a little vinyl can be! lol. We even managed to have fun while our car broke down ... it provided an opportunity for "Nana" to tow our car all the way home to Orem! hehe.

We will be spending Christmas out in Cali as well and can't believe we are so lucky to be spending time out in Santa Barbara again so soon.
I still have plans to have much more fun on this blog, but that requires me to stop leaving my home computer (that has access to all my photos). So hopefully I will find or make time to do just that! Love ya

OH, Yeah....
So the kid in the picture to the left is not a new son that we have. He is an adorable model baby from a web page I was browsing. Not only is he amazingly cute, but to me he resembles my good friends Patty's little boy. What do you think Patty? Did you know your almost 2 year old was famos?

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