Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend in Vegas

So this is the second time that I've had the chance to travel with my good friend Tracy. 2 years ago we traveled together to the same destination.

Where: Las Vegas. Lolly's house.
What: Car Trip.
When: Winter/early Spring
Who: Tracy, Cheryl, Asbhy and London*
Why: Fun. Sun. Friends.
*London was of course not able to travel with us 2 years ago.

I think we have mini tradition here. Drive out for the weekend. Don't get enough sleep. Eat yummy food (thanks Lolly for the meals and Tracy for the dessert). Laugh. A Lot. Talk. Shop. "Lollification". Photo shoot. Visit the Strip. Chase kids. Cute kids. Soothe kids. Church. Home.
Yeah, I think that was both trips in a nut shell. But both trips were fun. I love being able to keep in touch with old friends. Thanks Tracy for helping me with that.
Maybe I'll get a little better at it. I don't think it would hurt to catch up more often than once every 2 years. haha.

Tracy, thanks for the idea. Lolly, your kids are soo cute. Brian, thanks for watching the kids.

Here are a few pics. I'll try to post more soon. Tracy took most of 'um. Great camera, always on hand, and she knows how to use it!


Shahny said...

Yuuuuummm, those cake balls sound Dee-licious!

T-Ray said...

YEA!!! We have all blogged about our weekend now.
Thanks Cheryl, you are too sweet. I had fun and I must say you are a pleasure to travel with. Honestly. And I meant to tell you how surprised I was of how great your kids are in the car. I have traveled lots with my nieces and nephew and it doesn't always go as smooth.... they don't fall asleep as easily in the car as yours does.
I think of that car ride and I still hear Ashby singing "I love you, a bushel and a peck..."!! So cute.