Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daddy's Day Off

Lately Ryan has been busy. Very busy. Working with his Construction company during the day. Then working a full time job in the evenings at a local grocery store. We are preparing for him to go back to school this fall, so he is just work, work, working so we can save up some cash.

Anyway, with this schedule we don't always have very much family time. Tuesday and Sunday are his grocery store days off so often we have Family night on Tuesday night. Sometimes we don't. Well this monday we planned his day off.

DDP - Daddy Day off Plan
Play at home with the girls in the morning while Cheryl works out.
Pack a lunch for a picnic because Ashby is a picnic lover.
Take the picnic lunch up into the mountains for a hike.
Use our awesome baby backpack on hike.
Dinner at home.
All together.

Well all went according to plan except for the hike part. This was disappointing because that was kind of the highlight of the day. Due to the amount of snow still left on the couple trails we planned we couldn't exactly picnic in the mountains unless we wanted to make snow angles while doing it. Nope.
So we went to plan B on this part.
What's plan B you ask.
the Park.

It was great. We all had fun.

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