Sunday, March 29, 2009


So in this picture you see Ashby's first black eye. Yes, it is small, but I thought one day she might want to see it... so there it is. It happened around the 28th of Feburary when she tripped while dancing and hit her cheek on the hearth. It never got really too colorful as you can tell.

The other first is this cute kitty. Nana made it for her as a Valentines present! She loves it as you can see. Her first hand made stuffed animal!


krissiecook said...

It really took that long for Ashby to get a black eye? That is amazing, you must be a way better parent than I am.

Michelle Loveless said...

Right eye, right? ><; Anyways, very cute picture. :3 And that kitty is ful of awesome.