Friday, December 18, 2009

Bubbles or....

Tonight at bathtime Ashby asked me to put London in with her (which I do regularly). Now as I had bathed London last night, I told her that she could bathe by herself tonight. (Partly because I thought she'd enjoy it and partly because that gave me a little bit of less busy time)

When she acted like that wasn't what she wanted, I told her she could have a bubble bath or London in the bath with her.

I thought she'd chose the Bubbles. I was wrong.
I am very happy to be wrong.

I love that she Loves her sister soo much!

Just because I love pictures...

This is London at about 1 month old. I love both my girls


jamie hixon said...

She is so gorgeous. I love all that hair!

Isn't it great when your kids love each other?

T-Ray said...

Love this picture. She is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet.

The way London opened her mouth to greet Jennifer when she took her today was SO cute.

trine k said...

oh wow, this picture practically took my breath away. She is so beautiful. you and ryan sure have a great recipe for cute girls!(don't you just love when people say stuff like that?? :)