Saturday, October 3, 2009

London is worth the wait!

London didn't come on her "due date" but I think we all agree that we would gladly wait longer if we had to for our sweet little one. Hope you enjoy some of the video Nana took at the hospital.

We have been soo blessed with 2 beautiful and healthy little girls. First Ashby and now London. Ashby is a fantastic big sister already. Here is the early proof of that. She definitely loves her baby sister. We know that London will be trying to do everything like her big sister before long. But for now, she is doing just what she should: eating and sleeping. Ryan and I so happy.


krissiecook said...

Yeah! London is beautiful, so she'll fit right in with the rest of you. Lots of love headed your way from FL!

THE LIZARD'S said... wonderful! I am so happy for you FOUR!! Its so fun having two when they make eachother laugh and they kiss one another! good luck!

jamie hixon said...

Oh... sweetness!! I am really looking forward to having my baby girl soon. London is so precious.