Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4th of July Camping

Ashby, Ryan and I joined Grandpa Ken and Uncle Preston on a 4th of July trip into the mountains to Celebrate the freedoms we have. As is typical Ken Bishop style that means getting as far away from other people as we could. Which isn't so bad, because it provides a chance so that we could just remeber the beauty of what God placed here in America.
We spent part of 3 days up in the Uintas and spent time relaxing, hiking, playing in the stream, fishing and just spending time together.
Hiking along the stream.
Preston caught this fish with his bare hands! This is is excited face.

Ashby's favorite activity was getting dirty! We had lots of fun and made it home in time for fireworks!

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Anonymous said...

My grandpa who grew up in Midway used to sometimes catch fish with his bare hands. I have never heard of anyone else doing that! Wow.