Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just because

Sometimes I think kids just can't help but to be soo cute! Here are some of Ashby's more recent moments.

A while ago, Nana sent us a few of these really cute bows. I always love how they look on Ashby. Ashby doesn't think they are an "all the time" look. So I click a pic or two when she wears them!
Music to her ears

Uncle "Pres"ton moved up to Utah last fall and it is definitely a highlight of her day when she sees him. She doesn't love him for his music in his iPod earphones, but she does love his music! She will
especially likes Dashboard
and Linkin Park!

Steppin' Up

Lately Ashby has realized that she wants to see or "wanna c" everything that happens in her world aka my day. This includes the eventful kitchen. So she has figured out that this stool is portable. She pushes it all around from cabinets to the counters, steps up on it and checks out the situation. She also likes to look for chips and treats. I love my sweet girl.

Girls and their Clothes
So it surprised me how quickly she has figured out how amazing clothing can be. She LOVES her shirts. I guess she hasn't figured out they are much more comfortable with less layers. I think she has like 10 shirts (8 of which she put on by herself!) in the picture with the the purple tip layer. Yeah...that's a lot of shirts!


deannah said...

Oh my gosh. First of all, the second picture of her with the bow? Her expression is just priceless. And how funny is it that she likes to wear 10 shirts at once. Kids are hilarious!

Amanda said...

This is really funny. Lillian figured out the stool months ago, probably because I kept moving it around. But, she hasn't figured out how to put on her own clothes. Take them off yes, put them on, no. I'm still laughing about her in the 10 shirts.

Living The Life..... said...

haaaaa!!! Firt of all.. luv..luv.. the bow! Girls are so fun to dress up with clothes and endless hair excessories. Second.. ava just started trying to put on MY workout tops when we are getting ready for the gym in the morning..she gets then part way on.. so I FEEL ya!

Diana Saavedra Haskins said...

Seeing Ashby on your blog makes my day!!! I'm addicted to her Jello Jiggler video!! Please don't ever take it off so I can watch it everyday!! The bows look so cute on her! Of course, anything, is cute on her even a dozen shirts at one time!! What a darling entertainer she is!! XOX Nana Haskins

Amy Dianne said...

Ashby is the best. I think my favorite part of this is her in ten shirts. I have friends that wear that many shirts.... but theirs are MADE to be worn that way. Lol.

Anonymous said...

We love looking at your blogs with all of fun pictures of our favorite granddaughter! Ashby is so much fun! The bows are precious. Also, the multi-shirt pictures are too fun!!! It kind of reminds me of the times when we would buy new socks. You kids would always put about 3 pairsof socks on your arms and the other 3 pairs on your feet. it was hilarious!!!
Grandma Loveless :D

Beth Benson said...

oh my goodness she is sooo time goes by sooo fast! i'm so glad you found my blog...yeah and rachies baby is growing like a weed times...miss you and i'm glad i can keep in touch better now.

Zina said...

Wow! That is quite a feat for a girl that small to get that many shirts on -- I'm impressed! That's hilarious.

Amy Dianne said...

I just wanted to say that I made a new post on my blog. It's the only poem I've written all semester. It's short. I kinda wrote it on a napkin once before a club activity. ;)

Sean,Patty, Merrick and Memphis Donovan said...

Your little one is hilarious. I love the shirts thing that is just cracking me up. I especially love how she can't put her arms all the way down she kind of reminds me of a body builder. Hahahhaha love ya

Shawntel said...

That is So funny! I love the personalities that each and every child has! They do the darndest things! Ha ha!

Katz said...

she's getting so big!

kids are so funny.