Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pinching My Pennies

So this past November...or maybe October.  I went to a Newspaper sponsered Couponing class.  I know several people that "coupon" and decided to try it.  So we have been receiving the Sunday paper since then.  Yeah.  So it does work.  I save money.  I find deals.  I feel good about my small way of being a "couponer" (sorry to any of you who find "couponers" annoying)  But I recently have been introduced to several more website that TELL you what the deals are and where to find the coupons.
But...I still havn't figured out how to make the time to read through all the crazy, and I mean CRAZY, cheap deals these websites have.
One of them is
Do any of you Coupon?  How do you make the time?  I'm sure once I figure out a routine it will be no prob...but in the mean time I feel like each week I'm literally missing out on great deals.


Shahny said...

I never really gave any thought to "couponing." Its always nice to save money tho.

Ps. i nominated you for an award. check it out:

T-Ray said...

I actually think this is something that I should get into. I have friends that do it SERIOUSLY and save big bucks! Good for you for joining the club.