Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Crisis Avoided

Earlier today, Ashby asked me about the fire down in that small, wooded valley.
well, with all the natural disaters occuring, a fire is possible.

What happened was:
Ashby -"Mommy sing the song about the fire in the dell"
Me -"You mean the farmer in the dell?"
Ashby -"umm yeah"

So I sang it.  You know
"The Farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, Hi-ho the darry-O, the farmer in the Dell"
It goes on until the "mouse takes cheese" and then the "cheese stands alone."

We are eating breakfast during this conversation.  Now I try to talk with Ashby and London while we eat our meals.  Mostly just because I'm pretty sure that having the ability to converse easily with others helps them later in life.  Like helps them get into college.  Or at least helps them not feel left out at the lunch table years from now when they are in school.

But after I sang the song I was really hungry (and I sang all the verses - which I know is my fault) but the result was:      Me- really hungry and My cereal- getting soggy
I'm not the biggest fan of soggy KIX.  So I was just eating.  Not really being very aware for a few minutes.  Which is why the next part surprised me at first.

Ashby-  "Why did the cheese get left alone?"
Me-  "??" 
Ashby- "Why did the mouse leave the cheese?    Oh I know.  Maybe the mouse just left it in the kitchen or the front room and went somewhere.  Or maybe it's bedroom."
Me- "oh, Oh yeah.  I guess." 

As I'm pretty sure that song never made much sense to me, I didn't pursue to topic. I mean was the cheese left alone due to some illness that effected everyone else?  Sad.  But I guess there already is a fare amount of morbidity to children nursery rhymes(Humpty Dumpty), songs (ring-around-the rosie) and bedtime stories (hansel and gretel)
 But I came out of my temporairy state of absence and the morning went on rather smoothly  normally from there.

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