Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Having a Sister

A year ago, our dear cousins had their second child. Another baby girl. Their first being the same age as Ashby and the two girls being buddies, they wanted to be like each other. Cousin L was a "big sister" and this made Ashby want to be a "big sister" too. SO last christmas, Ashby told us she wanted a baby. Well her wish came true and she has loved being a big sister even before London was born. She would tell us about how much fun it would be to share each other's beds and play babies together.
Well she has gotten her wish..sorta

Ashby LOVES London and I have no doubt that London loves her back. She wants to share her fun things with London and thinks London should share too. haha. She knows the changing table is for babies, but wanted to be silly anyway!

PS- T. I'll try to post more soon, but I HAVE to go to sleep now.


T-Ray said...

ha ha... so cute. It is so exciting for EVERYONE to have a new addition to the family.

trine k said...

yay! good job cheryl, you did it! and she is SO beautiful, she looks so much like her dad/uncles/aunt diana- wow. I'm so happy Ashby is happy with her new sister! Now just go write the birth story down...I'll check in on you... :)

deannah said...

so sweet. isn't having two the best?

RuSty and LaLa said... the changing table pics. It really shows the contrast in sizes of your girls

THE LIZARD'S said...

HAAAAA! Potty Trained and STILL wants a mock diaper change!!! Ava begged me to put a diaper on her once and I did (brian was gone and it was after bath) and Braxton's fit her..IT WAS SO FUNNY TO ME! I made her take it off after I launged for like 3 minutes...ha..ha but I just told her to put it on her baby doll. They are so cute together..wait til they play together or laugh together..ITS SO CUTE!!! oh, and hope you got some sleep. TWO is hard for the first month or two..
or it was for me.